Nativity Fun

These are projects and activities that we have done, I hope they ignite Sparks at your house as well! We want to keep our kids focused on the True Nativity Fast.

Mama’s Factory!

Homemade wrapping paper- I use a vinyl tablecloth as dropcloth and paint the kids feet and hands. Its a way for the kids to feel connected to the gift their giving.

Cards- I cut out clip art from junk mail add nativity images and greetings, give the kids glue and see what they create!

Candy saint Nick’s- We used marzipan last year (plan to use marshmallow-fondant this year) to make mini saint Nicks. It has the consistency of playdough so its perfect for letting little ones do. We gave them out for Saint Nicholas Day in bags with a few chocolate hugs/kisses

Cookie plates- Taking time with the kids to make cookies is time I love. Giving baked goodies to friends and families is a great way for kids to give something they worked on without adding cost or clutter. Its als oa great way to reach out to neighbors and show extra hospitality during the “holiday season”.

Advent Project Pockets

A few years ago I stitched these pockets. Instead of an advent calender with candy everyday, these are big enough to put project supplies- ornaments, card supplies and yes candies!

Nativity Cave Centerpiece

  • I drew the figures and the Sparks cut them out as best as they could.
  • For the cave take 2 paper plates and cut a flat side. Cut the “cave door” in 1 plate.
  • Baby Jesus will arrive on Christmas!
  • We will also add the 3 wise men later

Hands and Feet Wreath

Trace hands/feet and cut out about a dozen. I have 3 small ones so I also wrote their names so they can see who’s are where. We added “bows” and “berries” that the kids painted.

Advent Wreath

One way to “count down” towards Nativity is lighting the advent candles. We make the choice to keep the dining table formal. Our kids can tell that its extra special, and they feel special too when they to use the china!

Birthday Cake!

How do you celebrate a birthday without cake! Every year we sing “happy birthday Jesus” and enjoy cake. The kids helped make the wisemen, an angel, that’s a star on the left, some sheppherds and Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. It really give a tangible connection to the celebration for little ones, and they get cake.

Guardian Angels

I made these to give my Sparks.
I bought the peg dolls from a company in Maine. they have lots to inspire projects. the name is a coincidence, it is not my business.
The wings are dried milkweed seedpods- they lasted about 6 months before being wripped off.

A description of the project and the works presented.

If you like our coloring pages consider these Nativity coloring book with unique images not available on the website. The red covered book has ~30 pages of specifically Orthodox Nativity images. The last few pages are filled with small images for DIT card session at your house. Click for the link to amazon-

In this larger version you can follow the Old testament prophets and saints through the Nativity Fast to Theophany in the 60+ pages. The last few are still small images for making Orthodox Nativity cards with your little sparks. Available in print on Amazon, click the photo.

Here are some craft-able items for DIY christmas presents at your house

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