The Holy Prophet Job
May 6th

He wears a red cloak and has gems on his clothes to show he was a rich man. He was a follower of God before Jesus lived. God blessed him with riches and many children. Job fell into a very hard time in life when his children died and he became very sick covered in painful rashes. It became his job to show everyone that even in these hard times you can be a strong believer in God and do what God wants you to do. And through God’s mercy his health and riches were restored.

The Holy Prophet Jeremiah
May 1st

He wears a green shirt and brown cloak. He lived about 600 years before Jesus was born. He spoke God’s messages to the Israelites for about 30 years. He is often called the Weeping Prophet because he lived in Jerusalem when it was destroyed and his people became slaves. It was his job to tell everyone to follow God’s laws.

The Holy Prophet Isaiah
May 9th

He wears a blue to show he is from a royal family. He was related to the Kings of Judah, almost 700 years before Jesus was born. He decided to follow God as a prophet when he saw a vision of God on His throne surrounded by angels! It was his job to tell everyone that God was going to have a Son. Powerful people were not happy with the messages that God gave Isaiah to tell and they had him killed.

Prophets of May by Sparks4Orthodoxkids

After reading the short stories about The Holy Prophets who we remember in May…
What is the job of a Holy Prophet?
The Holy Prophets _________ God’s messages to the people.
What in their stories are the same?
The Holy Prophets all ____________
What in their stories are different?
Job __________
but Jeremiah _____________
and Isaiah _______________
How did these stories make you feel, what words can you say about the Holy Prophets?
I felt__________ when we read the story because ______________
Can you think of people in the Church now that are like the Holy Prophets?

St Athanasius 
May 2nd

As a boy young Athanasius played “Baptism” at the river with some other boys. The Patriarch Alexander saw the kids doing such a good job that he called the boys and their parents to his house to explain that the baptism was done so well that he sealed the baptized boys with holy oil to complete the Baptism with a Chrismation. The Patriarch kept an eye on young Athanasius and ordained him into the clergy. Eventually Athanasius took over as Patriarch too.

Leave his belt white, it represents holiness and Truth.

Irene of Thessalonica
May 5th

Irene’s father was a pagan and kept Irene inside so that she would not hear about Jesus. Her teacher was a Christian who taught her about God and Jesus. As a teenager she had a dream that her teacher explained. A dove landed on her, representing her education. It had an olive branch for God’s grace, flowers showed her future success. Then came a raven and snake showing hard times in her future. For the rest of her life she was bullied by many people. She refused to get married, instead she worked to teach people about the Good News of Jesus Christ. She taught thousands of people join our Church family.

Color her dress in purple and blue
Who else wears these colors?

 Brendan the Navigator
May 16th 

Brendan lived in Ireland but sailed all over spreading the Word of God. He may have even sailed to America before Columbus. Old maps show an island called “St Brendan’s” but we don’t know exactly whic island that is. Brendan sailed by the Holy Spirit, they had no plan. They lived their life on the sea and shared the Word of God with people they met.

Color the monks in dark robes.
What color does Jesus wear?

St Brendan the Navigator
May 16th

Missionary who sailed by the Holy Spirit. There is no precise record of his travels but he contributed to spreading the faith though the islands around Ireland and England and beyond. There are stories about his encountering sea creatures. Concider reading the story of Jonah and the whale.

Commemorating Saint Constantine & Helen
May 21st

Constantine the Great

As emperor he had the power to make Christianity legal. He lived in Constantinople (Constantine’s City) and rebuilt the Byzantine Empire. He had a church built in his city. It was eventually destroyed and Hagia Sophia was built on its spot.

Empress Helen

When her son St Constantine (the Great) came to power he sent her on a mission to find the Holy Cross of Christ in Jerusalem. Even though she was in her seventies, she took the long trip. She traveled all over, clearing sites that are important in the life of Christ. She had churches build, and tore down pagan temples. She kept searching until she finally found the Holy Cross of Christ. She found all three (who died alongside Christ?) and a miracle showed her which one belonged to Christ!

This document is a one page story of the Vision of Constantine at the Battle of the Melvian Bridge. It is for slightly older kids, up to middle schoolers. Included with some small drawings to color in, and a list of terms to investigate. It makes a good history lesson for anyone interested in Church history or the Roman Empire. Please enjoy!

Saint John the Russian
May 27th

John grew up a Christian. He defended his country against the Turks, during the Russo-Turkish War, but he was captured. He and the other soldiers were beaten and told to deny Jesus Christ. Saint John refused to convert to Islam so he was sold into slavery. John’s master saw his bravery and obedience to Christ was so strong that he stopped beating him and let him be a Christian as long as he did his work. After years, John’s master trusted him to go to Church on feast days. His life was hard. John got sick and wanted communion. The priest was so afraid of the Turks hatred of Christ that he brought John Holy Communion hidden inside an apple. After John died his priest had a dream. The priest brought John’s body to the church, where it continues to work hard for God.

Color John red to show his victory over death in Christ!
What color does your priest wear?

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