All Saints (of America)
June 3rd

We just had Memorial Day to remember the soldiers who have defended our country. These saints brought Orthodoxy to our country. All saints of America intercede for us!
The universe offers You the God-bearing martyrs,
As the first fruits of creation, O Lord and Creator.
Through the Theotokos, and their prayers
establish Your Church in peace!

Download here a short lesson about Mary and Martha

Here is a hymn about Sts Martha & Mary to color along with a picture of when Jesus visited their house

Saints Mary and Martha
Lazarus’ sisters & Myrrh Bearers
June 4th

Mary and Martha host Jesus at their house along with their brother Lazarus. Jesus was talking with His disciples.
Mary sat at Christ’s feet to listen to all He had to say. Martha was busy and distracted by providing hospitality and serving her Lord and guests food. She got frustrated and said to Jesus, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister is leaving me to do all the work? So tell her to help.”
Jesus replied, “Martha, you’re so stressed out. One thing is important right now, and Mary chose it. I’m not taking it from her.”
(My retelling from Luke 10:38-42)

Martha and Mary show us strong traits for the faithful. Mary sat and listened, not to avoid work but out of her love for God and desire to learn more. Martha was busy serving, not to show off but for her love of her neighbor and desire to do good works. These are both traits all faithful should have but we must learn to balance them.

Old Testament Prophets
 Elisha & Amos
June 14 & 15

The prophet Elisha did many miracles using water. Water is very important in the desert- Why? Elisha also healed Lepers from their disease and brought a man back from death.

Amos was a shepherd in the land of Zebulon. God sent him to warn The People that God was unhappy with King Jeroboam’s evil ways. He told the Israelites to repent and follow God’s Laws.

Nativity of John the Baptist
June 24th

Happy Birthday John the Baptist!
Today his mother Elizabeth gave birth to her only baby. John was so special because she didn’t think she could have children. His father was Zachariah a priest. An Angel told him that God was going to give them a baby. Zachariah didn’t believe it because they were old enough to be Grandparents! God kept His promise. Have you heard the story of when Mary, the Theotokos, visited Elizabeth while they were both pregnant?

Saints Peter and Paul
June 29th

Today we pray for the leaders of the Church. Saint Peter is called the stone or rock that Christ built the church on. He was a strong leader so Jesus relied on him to “feed His sheep” after the Resurrection (at Pascha). He was a fisherman who left his boat to follow Christ. He continued to travel and teach about Jesus. He wrote books that are now part of the Bible. Paul was a robber who decided to stop and follow Christ. Can you think of any other robbers who became saints? Paul went to jail, not for his crimes but for being one of Christ’s students. He used this time to write encouraging letters to the churches. They became part of the New Testament in the Bible!

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