Pascha preparations

Here are things we’ve done during Lent to help the kids understand what we prepare for, why our routine is different and why food is different.

The FREE Holy Week Booklet

Here is a preview of the coloring pages to follow the thems through Holy week with this booklet. Download for FREE and enjoy!

Hymn from Sunday of the Blind Man

I thought this may be especially helpful this Pascha season

Lord of the Powers

We are all feeling the stress and chaos. My kids are looking forward to coloring this. They like to put their prayers on the wall next to their beds. May this help your little Sparks feel calm in these Times of Distress!

Project Name

We label the calender– with all the changes to routine for the kids to see. We mark the kinds of food weekly. We also put a cross on the days we go to church, amusic note for nights we listen to church music and a book for nights to read the Bible.
Undying Flowers – We cut apart a cardboard egg carton, poked a hole in the bottom, added a pipe cleaner and let the Sparks paint their “flowers”
P is for prayer– Something to keep their hands busy while we talk about prayer.

The Empty Tomb

Don’t forget the angel to proclaim that
Christ is Risen!

You will need-
piece of cardbord (base), green paper, scissors, 2 paper plates, angel printout/drawing, paint/markers, glue, paper for “stone”
Cut about 1/3rd off plate in a straight line. Cut opening for tomb door. Sometimes I staple the plates- but super glue works well too. *The back plate should not touch the edges of the front, curve it to create the cave* Let the sparks decorate and glue the cave to the cardboard base. Crumple a paperball for the stone. Let the kids roll in open for Pascha!

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Let’s build something together.

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