Protection of the Theotokos
October 1st 

This is Mary, Mother of our Lord, standing on a cloud and holding her cloak out to protect all underneath.

Here is another picture with The Holy Theotokos and space for you to draw. Who needs her protection (your family, home, church or maybe friends)?

Most Holy Theotokos, save us.

A shelter and protection
a wall unshaken
O Virgin for those who flee to you
You are
A shelter and refuge
and a place of joy

St Innocent
October 6th

Saint Innocent was from Russia. He grew up north of Mongolia! He became bishop of all the tiny islands from Russia to Alaska and also Alaska. These Islands are called the Aleutian Islands. Saint Innocent traveled across the frigid wilderness to foster the Orthodox communities in these tiny villages. He worked relentlessly to educate his churches. He translated the Gospel into many of the native languages. Above you can see the Our Father in Iniktitut (from the website below).


Apostle Thomas
October 6th

Saint Thomas was a young fisherman from the same area as Jesus, they are both from Galilee. He left his job fishing to become a student of Jesus. After Jesus was arrested and crucified He appeared to His disciples but Thomas wasn’t there. In the Gospel on Pascha we read that Thomas wouldn’t believe until he got to see Jesus for himself.

Enjoy coloring your icon:
This icon shows Saint Thomas touching Jesus’ wound. Both he and Jesus wear red and blue.

Forefather Abraham
October 9

The Righteous Forefather Abraham lived a long long time ago. He was a good man and did what God wanted him to do. God told him that he would be the Father of all God’s people. They were the first ancestors of Jesus.
Enjoy coloring your icon:This icon is called “The Hospitality of Abraham” it shows Abraham and his wife Sara serving three angels. The three angels represent God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Apostle Luke the Evangelist
October 18th

Saint Luke was a doctor from Syria. He heard of Jesus and went to Israel to learn. After becoming a follower of Jesus he traveled around to teach others. He ended up in Egypt telling people about Jesus. Saint Luke is important because he wrote the book of Acts in the Bible and he was also the first person to paint an icon of Mary, Jesus’ Mother, who we also call the Theotokos.

Enjoy coloring your icon:
This icon shows Saint Luke with his icon of the Theotokos, above him is a bull with a Gospel book. The bull represents Luke, each of the four writers of the Gospel have a special animal. Saint Luke wears green and red.

Prophets Hoea and Joel
Oct 17th and 19th

The Prophet Hosea lived long before Jesus, but the Holy Spirit told him about Jesus Christ. He told people that Jesus would be born and our relationship with God will change!

The Prophet Joel also lived long before Jesus, and the Holy Spirit told him that Jerusalem was going to be destroyed.

Enjoy coloring your icon:
Hosea wears red and blue and Joel wears green and orange

Do you remember who the prophets were, what was their special job for God?

Apostle James, Brother of the Lord
October 23

Saint James was the step brother to Jesus. He joined the Nazarene, a group who lived like monks. They had long hair, didn’t get married and lived a life dedicated to God. He left this group to follow Jesus. He brought many people to Jesus with him. Saint James became the first Bishop of Jerusalem. He wrote a Divine Liturgy, just like the service for Sunday. 
Enjoy coloring your icon:Saint James wears vestments while he is preparing communion in this icon.

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