February- Readings with Lessons

February – Publican and Pharisee Luke 18:10-14 Talking Points:Follow up to ZaccheausA Publican is a tax collectorA Pharisee is a “zealous observer of the Law”God the Father calls for obedianceBefore Jesus, God called His people to follow the rules so that’s what the Pharisees did. Jesus came to bring us a relationship with God. WhatContinue reading “February- Readings with Lessons”

December 2021

Blessed feast, may God bless you and keep your family! We just celebrated Thanksgiving and a birthday, so now our house is ready to switch into Nativity mode! While we’ve been fasting, it doesn’t feel like Christmas to us until after we celebrate the Harvest… New this month! December page images are all updated withContinue reading “December 2021”


It has been a month at our house! I am so blessed to be back into a calm routine, home with my youngest. In October, we start to focus on thankfulness and the Protection of the Theotokos. Since Sparks already has a couple of images for that I decided that new guardian angels would beContinue reading “October”

July 2020

Hello Parents, I’m going to format this a little differently. I find its starting to be complicated to find all the images available you now have to click pages and posts in different places. So I’m not going to post all the new stories into the posts anymore and I have already backtracked to copyContinue reading “July 2020”