St George
April 23rd

St George grew up in Palestine after his father was martyred his mom moved him away from the city him but when he was old enough, he joined the military.
St George, the Victory Bearer, is a very famous saint for the story of how he saved a village from a dragon that lived in their lake. The pagan priests told the people to feed it children instead of fighting it. The brave St George, killed the dragon and freed the village from the dragon; and also from the terrible leadership of the pagan priests!
When the Emperor Diocletian pusecuted Christians, St George sold all his belongings and went to the Emperor to bear witness as a Christian. We call him a soldier of Christ.
The Emperor knew him, he was a well known soldier, so he talked with George about just sacrificing to a Roman god so he can go home. But George would not deny Christ. The Emperor was furious and had guards arrest George -off to be tortured.
He continued to torture George in different ways. One day, the torture was so bad that the Emperor thought George was dead. He ordered his body removed but when they picked up his body, an angel healed him and George was able to stand up. Oh the Emperor was enraged! He came up with new tortures. He even brought in sorcerors to drug George because he thought that magic was protecting George. Not magic, his guardian angel was keeping George safe.
Word spread around the city about the miraculous St George. People came to visit him and be healed by him in the prison! Politicians announced they were christian. Even the Empress knew that George’s God was The Saviour. Emperor Diocletian beheaded many of these people but he was trying to save George by forcing him to sacrifice to the false Roman gods. George stood his ground before the pagan statues of their false gods. He called the demons out and the statues shattered! The crowd went crazy, not understanding what was happening; everyone ran!
The Empress Alexandra, yelled out praises to the all powerful God. That was the last straw, the Emperor announced both George and his wife, Alexandra would be executed.

St Alexandra
April 23rd

The Empress Alexandra was married to the Emperor Diocletian. He killed many Christians trying to maintain the pagan ways. Christians could be arrested just for following Christ.
She was in the pagan temple when St George called the demons out and all the statues broke. She called out to the God of Truth. The Emperor was so angry that she betrayed his false gods that he had her sentenced to death along with St George. She did not struggle, but she did faint on the way to the execution.
People thought she was dead and somehow she escaped the angry Emperor Diocletian.
Nobody heard from her again until after he died.
Diocletian passed their daughter Valeria off in marriage to a follower of the pagan gods. The Empress Alexandra had secretly raised her as a Christian and she didn’t want to marry Galerius. Her father didn’t care, she had to marry him so that he could be the new Emperor. Her dad retired.
When Galerius died, the new Emperor Maximinus also wanted to marry her. She refused, and her dad wasn’t there to make her; so the new Emperor kicked her out of the country. This is when we hear that Alexandra is still alive! Someone must have snuck her out of the palace when she fainted, everyone thought she had died!
They lived in Syria until they heard that Emperor Maximinus had died.

St Elizabeth the Wonderworker
April 24th

Elizabeth’s parents brought her to a monastery to grow up in a life of prayer and service to God. Elizabeth grew up and continued to live as a monk. Her prayers were heard by God and through His mercy she healed the sick.
She fasted very strictly. She would eat nothing but greens and vegetables, refusing bread or non-fasting foods. During Great Lent, she refused all food.
She was just as strict with herself in her prayer life. She would not look up. She followed the example of the Tax-Collector.
What do you remember about the Tax-Collector? How should we act, to follow his example?
Can you think of any other kids who’s parents gave them up to live in God’s house?

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