Theophany Lessons

Water as life

Talking Points

When we celebrate Christ’s Baptism we celebrate the fallen world being restored.
Its a great opportunity to talk with kids about the perfection of the Water Cycle!
God created a perfect system for His Paradise.

We also talk about the creation being purified.
Its a good time to talk about being stewards of creation.

Its important to talk to kids about clean drinking water. We take can take tap water for granite but in Jesus’ time, and especially in the Middle Eastern climate, its important that they understand how special clean-drinking water was.

DIY Charcoal water filter activity!

Our class meets during orthros, the water moved VERY slowly, so the kids really had to wait until after Liturgy to see how it worked.
This activity is also a great lead into takling about the needs TODAY of our brothers and sisters living in developing countries and mission programs to help.
See the OCMC for specific program, or look up independant projects

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