February- Readings with Lessons

February – Publican and Pharisee

Luke 18:10-14

Talking Points:
Follow up to Zaccheaus
A Publican is a tax collector
A Pharisee is a “zealous observer of the Law”
God the Father calls for obediance
Before Jesus, God called His people to follow the rules so that’s what the Pharisees did.
Jesus came to bring us a relationship with God.

What do you remember about Zaccheaus?
bully, thief, rich, people hate them…
The taxcollector was not a leader in the Temple community.
The tax collector came before God quietly and called on God’s mercy.

Make a compare/contrast for Pharisee and Tax Collectors
Publican’s Prayer-> Jesus Prayer – Give out a written copy for them to decorate and keep as a reminder
Prayer Bracelets- beads for younger kids
Practice together, the Jesus prayer, and talk about doing extra as Lent arrives

Beaded Prayer Bracelet borrowed fromhttps://docs.google.com/document/d/1lkpWua-DXwQI5HTCZPFt4kjdtSmmeZP3MxHkno4-LNs/edit?fbclid=IwAR2lTV3vA9qzXJqvYN4_ZtO0RkA62vvKZP0JMy_b1ZNOdrk8AZsTrTneyj4

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