Sparks is Back

Its been a busy summer of gardening, baby chicks, kittens and all kinds of outdoors fun. We went on vacation, got sick and we are looking forward to establishing routines for the new school year. I am back working from home. My new studio is doing well with the support of the priests in ourContinue reading “Sparks is Back”


Nativity Blessings! We are done opening gifts but the season of Nativity continues on. Venerable Desert Mother Syncletica Syncletica’s family was from Alexandria. As a young girl she loved and did what pleases God. People said she was beautiful and she was from a wealthy family. So when boys started to visit her as aContinue reading “January”


NEW coloring pages Please enjoy all the printable images with the stories that go along. PLEASE SEE THE LINK FOR EACH COMPLETE MONTH. If you don’t see what you are looking for, I happily take requests! Saint Winifred November 3/6th On the Island of Britton a long time ago there was a young girl namedContinue reading “November”