December means most of us will be filled with Christmas/Nativity preparations- decorating, cooking, extra church, and fasting. Its so easy to get lost in the To Do’s and lose patience or just feel grumpy. I know I do this time of year; so this year I am trying to do less so I can slow down and enjoy more. Being a stay at home mom from the northeast, means I can easily go a full week without leaving my house this time of year. All day everyday with three kids under 6 years, sometimes I feel like a pinball going from child to chore to animal to child, to child to chore to animal…
Please check out the link to Nativity Fun for ideas I’ve done at our house to encorporate the kids into the preparation and decoration time.

New Coloring pages for December!

Saint Spyridon the Wonderworker

December 12th

After his wife passed away, he was appointed Bishop of Trimythus. He was one of the Bishops who went to the big meeting called the The First Ecumentical Councel or The Councel of Nicea. They discussed how to describe God and the trinity. There was an arguement with a man named Arius. Saint Nicholas was there too. He was so frustrated with this man that Nicjolas slapped him in the face! Saint Spyridon picked up a brick. Instead of joining the arguement of logic, he demonstrated the relationship of the Trinity. He squeezed the brick and it both burst into flames and dripped water; then he opened his hand and there was dust.
While it is true that he is known for many miracles, it is important to remember that saints are people. They had full lives with happiness and saddness just like us. We should remember that Spyridon was a kind farmer who fed many poor people.

The Magi

December 25th

We often call them the Three Kings or Wisemen. They were starwatchers, astrologers, watching the sky every night. They each noticed a new star appear in the sky. They thought that was weird, and it had to mean that something special was happening!
They each decided to follow it.

Scientists have been trying to figure out what these “Wisemen” were following. For a long time they said it was just a silly story.

We don’t know exactly what they saw, but neither did they, we know it was strange enough for them to travel for months with no plan.

They simply followed God’s light and found His Son, Jesus Christ. They brought baby Jesus presents all the way from their homes. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

Here is a preview of the nativity coloring book, over 60 pages like these to focus your Spark available at

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