Nativity Blessings!
We are done opening gifts but the season of Nativity continues on.

Venerable Desert Mother Syncletica

Syncletica’s family was from Alexandria. As a young girl she loved and did what pleases God. People said she was beautiful and she was from a wealthy family. So when boys started to visit her as a teen, she made it clear she did not want to marry. She spend her time praying and fasting.
When her parents died, she gave away everything in the house. Sold her family home and took her little sister to live in the desert.
Stories about her spread around and soon other women and girls came to live in the cave with them. She lived to be an old lady, about 80 years old before she became very ill and fell alseep in the Lord.

Name Day Fun!

Here’s something fun to help celebrate name days with your little sparks!

Patron saint Pegdolls

I had so much fun making these for my little Sparks
that I would like to offer these as special orders
for your Sparks too!

*Painted dolls to order will be $15 (like these shown).
*I can also draw out the line-work and faces to order for you and your Spark to paint for $5.

Payments will be via Paypal, prices include shipping. Prices negotiable for orders of 3 or more dolls.

Please email me with any questions, or to request dolls at

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