At the 11th hour for the 11th month!

This past month has been a wild ride!
You may remember I went back to work, teaching, this fall. We decided to offer virtual church school, so I might as well link in the video and materials for you all…you can use it for your own zoom sessions or in class/home! I hope it will give some spark to your lessons! I also started some new icons for a church building, Christmas present, and our own house (yeah!). I worked with another business to create a kids pillow. And my stepbrother asked me to help create a logo with Christian imagery for his military dive team.


Collaroration with St Tabitha’s Workshop on Etsy!

She saw Spark’s St George coloring page and was inspired. She reached out to me about creating a pillow- Together we created this huggable pillow for kids! We are already planning one for the Theotokos (probably won’t get to it until Thanksgiving break)! If you like sewing, or fabric toys check out her Etsy shop!

November Coloring pages… sorry there’s nothing new this month!

November means Nativity fun begins!

If you like the images but don’t like printing batches, consider buying our coloring book on amazon. the last few pages have small images for creating your own DIY Orthodox Nativity cards for your kids to send out. The images follow through the fast and end with Epiphany! Includes many images not available on the website.

Check out Nativity activities that have been successful at my house on our Nativity Fun page! There are crafts, candy and card ideas. You can also see centerpieces the kids have made and a birthday cake for Jesus!

Check out the Sparks products at the RedBubble Shop!

I’ve been adding my favorite images slowly. Still in black and white for your Sparks to color in!

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