Nativity Greetings!

Nativtiy cards will be extra important to our family this year since we are not able to go visit our loved ones this winter. If you are in a similar sitution, you may be interested in Orthodox Nativity Cards to color and send out to loved ones.

I know we are all very busy this time of year with preparations. It is difficult to remember that we are celebrating in addition to celebrating the host of saints! Visit the December Coloring tab for saints and stories in addition to some Nativity images. New this month is St Porphyrios with his image and a quote in word art to color in.

For more Nativity ideas, that I’ve done at home with my Sparks, check out the Nativity tab

If you haven’t seen it already,
the Nativity Coloring book in print on Amazon,
has about 60 pages of Orthodox Nativity images.

I’ve been busy with some new projects.

These are my largest icons ever! The Protection of the Theotokos is about 18inches by 3ft. The Trinity is for a parish Narthex and its 2×3 feet, prepared with linen and rabbit glue! I’m enjoying the larger space to work on face details. The St George is a 12inch round board, hoping it will be ready as a Christmas present for my husband’s friend!

New Page coming soon!

Its been a great to include the kids in the process of making icons. This summer, they helped gesso a board for an icon I made for their grandparents, this time they helped me mix the rabbit glue. I’ve decide that over Christmas vacation, I’m going to add a page for teaching the process of making icons for the kids. We’ll include some video explanations and lots of photos for the kids to understand the process of revealing the saints. I hope it will be helpful, especially for our friends teaching with the Charlotte Mason way!

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