It has been a month at our house!
I am so blessed to be back into a calm routine, home with my youngest.

In October, we start to focus on thankfulness and the Protection of the Theotokos. Since Sparks already has a couple of images for that I decided that new guardian angels would be a good lead into you potential lessons for the upcoming seasons. To start this new page, under lessons, I have one with a boy, and another with a girl. I hope they are helpful. Click here to see the Angel Page now

To see October,
with 8 FREE coloring images alongside their stories- click here

I joined an art challenge to help charge up my creativity. Its been fun to play with my art on a personal level. Iconography is my favorite prayer time, I need my hands to stay busy, just like my kids! It’s been refreshing and fun this past month playing around with some different media. My kids are loving watercolor pencils. They are coloring pencils that are filled with water color paints. Even my oldest who doesn’t like how watercolors flow, is enjoying these pencils. My daughter busted into my pastels and its been fun to see her, at three, to start blending and smoothing.

I had an “Aha” moment while we were painting during our morning “school” time… Don’t add water to the water color paints with a brush- use a SPOON! No more spills everywhere before the painting is underway!

Before the weather turns on us, here is one last opportunity for an outdoor mess. We’re saving these to add to over the colder weather. I promised they could color with marker over the sprayed on paints and stickers are fun. They could become a background for projects for the upcoming feasts.

Bear with my low-techy skills

I received a couple of emails with concerns and questions about how to copy images, so I will begin to convert the images to ‘downloadable images’. I am sorry if its been difficult. I found a tutorial and will begin converting the winter months first. This is a busy season at our little homestead so please bear with me a little longer! The new guardian angels should have a link to download them more easily… so please reach out by email or social media if there is a problem with this. Its new to me!
Click here to see the Angel Page

Pen pals

I will match up the current pen pals on October 15th. If you know someone who may be interested please let them know its time to pm @sparks4orthodox . If your child is not receiving letters and you want a new pal at any time, please join the group, on Facebook to find a mom in your situation. Its closed for a level of protection from trolling. https://www.facebook.com/groups/793216078218931

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