I got it done! As promised, each image for November has a download link embedded so when you click it, you get a free and easy download of the image! I hope this makes it more useable for you all. And really now that I know how, its not much work (phew, lol)

New saint for November-
St Katherine along with her amazing story. She was not just a “pretty girl from a good family” she is the amazing patron of scholars/philosophers, the guardian of Mt Sinai and the patron of women enduring difficult labor! I kept it as short as I could. I also updated the image for St Stephanie.

Mama Moment
I had an “aha” moment that I wanted to share…
Setting up water paints always takes SO long. getting water into each color is always the messiest part of the process (unless the water cup spills). I realized that using a spoon was SO much easier! I wish I had thought of it last year when I was teaching a PreK class!

Next Projects-

For December, I will update them to automatically download as well… There is a Nativity tab for some FREE festive coloring pages. If you are looking to make things to send to family this season check out our Market for Sparks images available on Tshirt, notebooks, bags… You can color them or paint with washable fabric paints to create unique gifts this season. It has not been updated in a while, so if you do not see something that you would use please contact me. I will try to get you what you need.

New tabs, I thought a page for all the Theotokos images, and a tab for the major feasts would help people find things more easily. I just added an angel tab and will add archangels (in Nov) and other images as I come back across them.

Taking requests for January. Holiday craziness is setting in at my home, with 5 birthdays on top of Christmas and another big trip to visit family so I do not plan to add anything new for December… Ok, I just saw that I never added the story for St James the Persian so I will do that research.

Kassiani’s Art Studio

I have a new home business, making icons… real handpainted icons in both acrylic or egg tempera paints. Its so new that I have not made a website yet but you can see those new projects at Facebook or Instagram . To keep Sparks free will be moving the “Market” to under this business, onceI get around to setting up its website.

New Facebook Group

A new mom’s group called Crunchy Orthodox Moms… So far conversations included best detergents for cloth diapers, cold and flu stock ups, and lotions/creams for rashes.

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