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Saint Winifred

November 3/6th
On the Island of Britton a long time ago there was a young girl named Winifred (or Gwenfrewi as the Welsh call her) who wanted to devote her life to God as a monk. Her family went to Liturgy one morning before her. While she was home alone, a prince stopped by for a drink of water. While they were alone, he attacked her. She ran as fast as she could for her uncle’s church but he had a horse and sliced her head off with his sword! Her family came out to find her. Her Uncle, the priest, scooped her up and prayed and cried. It is said that her cried so much that a spring of water started to flow out of the ground! God heard his prayers and restored Winifred’s life. She lived a the rest of her life as a nun.

Saint Stephanie

 November 11th
Saint Stephanie is a martyr of Damascus. She was the wife of a soldier. Her husband had arrested a Christian man named Victor. She visited her husband at work while he was torturing Victor. As a Christian, she blessed Victor when she saw him enduring his torture. Then she saw the heavens open and two crowns appear. She was also martyred for choosing God above even her husband.

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