May Coloring Pages

Empress Helena

May 21st

When her son St Constantine (the Great) came to power he sent her on a mission to find the Holy Cross of Christ in Jerusalem. Even though she was in her seventies, she took the long trip. She traveled all over, clearing sites that are important in the life of Christ. She had churches build, and tore down pagan temples. She kept searching until she finally found the Holy Cross of Christ. She found all three (who died alongside Christ?) and a miracle showed her which one belonged to Christ!

Constantine’s Vision at the Melvian Bridge

This document is a one page story of the Vision of Constantine at the Battle of the Melvian Bridge. It is for slightly older kids, up to middle schoolers. Included with some small drawings to color in, and a list of terms to investigate. It makes a good history lesson for anyone interested in Church history or the Roman Empire. Please enjoy!

Hymn for
Sts Constantine and Helen

Happy Name day for my son, FIL, SIL and all the Helens and Constantines out there!

Hymn from Compline
Lord of the Powers

Every Lent focuses on prayers but this year it seems especially fitting!

I want to share a cool website that my husband showed me
Orthodox Unlimited has a T shirt line. You may want to check it out as you start to think about Father’s Day (next month). We usually make a Tshirt, but now that we live in a warmer place -I think we’re going to splurge on one he would wear in public!

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