June Coloring Pages

Saints Mary and Martha
Lazarus’ sisters & Myrrh Bearers
June 4th

Mary and Martha host Jesus at their house along with their brother Lazarus. Jesus was talking with His disciples.
Mary sat at Christ’s feet to listen to all He had to say. Martha was busy and distracted by providing hospitality and serving her Lord and guests food. She got frustrated and said to Jesus, “Lord, don’t you care that my sister is leaving me to do all the work? So tell her to help.”
Jesus replied, “Martha, you’re so stressed out. One thing is important right now, and Mary chose it. I’m not taking it from her.”
(My retelling from Luke 10:38-42)

Martha and Mary show us strong traits for the faithful. Mary sat and listened, not to avoid work but out of her love for God and desire to learn more. Martha was busy serving, not to show off but for her love of her neighbor and desire to do good works. These are both traits all faithful should have but we must learn to balance them.

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A Mama Moment

I know there are many opinions about the ideas of “Mama time” and I don’t really have strong feelings about it. As a stay at home Mom, I’m here with the kids almost nonstop. Since the quarentine, I’ve been with them except a few grocery trips. So sometimes I need a break away from the kids and I think that is natural.
The other day my husband and I were talking. I realized that over the past few years, while I threw myself into life with my kids; I threw off the balance with my husband and I. By not “doing something for myself” I didn’t give my husband anything to support. Of course he praised my parenting and helps to give me with the kids.
My husband and I have been together since we were teenagers. We have always helped eachother reach goals. We support and push eachother better than we support ourselves. Its our balance. By living for my kids over the past six years I threw us off balance. I cared for my kids, and supported my husband. I felt burnt out.
I knew I needed a change. So I started painting again. It wasn’t about getting away from my kids. I felt I needed something for me. I started spending evenings in quiet prayerful time making icons.
Its been a couple of months, my husband has a wishlist growing (LOL- his birthday is coming up). Its no longer about having something for me. My kids are helping to Ghesso boards. In the morning, they compliment and comment on the progress of each painting. In the evenings, my husband works on his latest article or translation while I work.
I didn’t notice there was something missing until it was back. I feel better, less stressed and more patient with my kids. Its not about attention, its about feeling like I contribute beyond my kids.
It has been a bigger blessing for my family and a new service to the Church.
I guess my point is, if it feels like you need a break or that something is missing, let God guide you by His still small voice!

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