July 2020

Hello Parents,

I’m going to format this a little differently. I find its starting to be complicated to find all the images available you now have to click pages and posts in different places. So I’m not going to post all the new stories into the posts anymore and I have already backtracked to copy everything into the website pages- streamlining it all!

If you have a request for an upcoming Name-Day or saint that you love, I am happy to help. There are SO many saints to choose and I love learning about new ones each month!

Contact me directly with your input or requests

New for July

St Jacob Netsvetov, Enlightener of Alaska with a simple look at the massive geography of Alaska. Have you ever seen Alask overlayed on the continental USA- its MASSIVE! I hope it works as a nice compliment to the page of Our Lady of Sitka.


You may have noticed activities for bigger kids over the past couple of months. I always new Sparks would grow as my kids grow and we are taking those first steps! Our facebook name has also changed from Sparks for Orthodox Toddlers to Sparks4Orthodox to match the webpage and Instagram and open it up for future growth!

It looks like I may be heading back to work (as I am writing it is not firm, no contract signed) so I may not post as many things as fall arrives and I adjust to our new family routine! I have a few things sketched out to share, but if you have a request please give me plenty of time. I hope teaching Pre-K classes will spark some new idead for lessons as we return to Church school…

Current projects include-

-Revising the Pascha Coloring Books-Will be shelved for now, as I head back to work!
-Compiling and editing coloring pages for coloring book collections -Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter. This one is coming in slow motion but still moving forward!
– You may have seen some photos of icons that I’ve been making for friends and family. I would like to be able to offer them online in the near future; it has been a blessing for my personal prayer time through this crazy spring.

We are aslo sending love and kids supplies to St Peter Rigena Orthodox Orphanage and School. If you are interested in more information about them,

This is what I have done so far. Bible verses in their own langauge, but we’ll be adding each child’s patron saint, and atleast one more Bible verse- provided by Fr Hezekiah in their own language!

I discovered RedBubble a few months back and I have started creating products with my artwork. If you are ever looking to create something bigger with your kids as presents of a church go-bag please remember us.
Here is a sampling, but the images are available on multiple products

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