Coloring pages for April

Three new coloring pages for April! I wrote up both St George and St Alexandra they mention eachother but are independant if you only want to use one it will still be complete. St Elizabeth has a short story, but is a great follow up to the Tax Collector stories from right before Lent! Please enjoy, I hope it helps your Lenten lesson!

New coloring pages for March

Saint Tikhon March 25*He is celebrated and commemorated many different days Saint Tikhon was from Russia. He was ordained Bishop at only 32 years old. He came to the United States around 1900 as a missionary in the early years of our Church in America. He worked hard concecrating churches, founding a monastary; and evenContinue reading “New coloring pages for March”


Saint Simeon and Prophetess AnnaFebruary 3 When Mary, the Theotokos, and Joseph, Jesus’ Stepfather, brought little Jesus to the Holy Temple they met these elderly people. They were not a married couple. Saint Simeon was a very educated man, he was working in a group of 70 scholars to prepare the Holy Books of theContinue reading “February”


Nativity Blessings! We are done opening gifts but the season of Nativity continues on. Venerable Desert Mother Syncletica Syncletica’s family was from Alexandria. As a young girl she loved and did what pleases God. People said she was beautiful and she was from a wealthy family. So when boys started to visit her as aContinue reading “January”


December means most of us will be filled with Christmas/Nativity preparations- decorating, cooking, extra church, and fasting. Its so easy to get lost in the To Do’s and lose patience or just feel grumpy. I know I do this time of year; so this year I am trying to do less so I can slowContinue reading “December”


NEW coloring pages Please enjoy all the printable images with the stories that go along. PLEASE SEE THE LINK FOR EACH COMPLETE MONTH. If you don’t see what you are looking for, I happily take requests! Saint Winifred November 3/6th On the Island of Britton a long time ago there was a young girl namedContinue reading “November”